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Amanda Gore - The Joy Project
Amanda Gore welcomes you 
On this site you will find ways to change your life, find your joy, and become part of our joy movement by either joining a joy tribe or creating one of your own!

Online joy program

Welcome to the Joy University!  An expanded online version of the book The Gospel of Joy. So many of us invest years of our lives learning how to be ‘something’... Read more

Pillar 1: Gratitude

Throughout this pillar you will learn; How to drop to your heart Why a gratitude journal works What it means to be a good finder How to turn bad situations int.. Read more

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Good stuff to know

We are always researching for new and interesting and joyful ideas! Keep returning to this section as we are continuously adding new videos and joyful things to do or read!

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Find the joy in your life

A testimonial

"Thanks for reminding me of the importance of joy and loving myself – zoot, zoot! When the student is ready, the teacher appears" - Sue Oetting 

More testimonials

We see joy as an iceberg - the largest part of the iceberg is the foundation on which joy is built - the tip is what you see! Joy is bigger than happiness, which is just a small part of the iceberg - most of us think we will be happy WHEN we have something that we don't... Read more

Our joy movement

The JOY Projects mission is to create a global joy community, one tribe at a time! Those tribes will emerge from individuals or groups who have read The Gospel of Joy and found a 'cause' that arose in their hearts while they were working their way through... Read more

Featured joy tribe

Featured Tribe: JOY Bookers by Cynthia

" A year ago I made it my mission to have a space in our home for my friends to come and work on their JOY Stories. My husband Don said make sure to find something you love! Amanda and I had b.." Read more

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Meet Amanda

For as long as I can remember I have been talking! A lifelong friend of mine used to call me motor mouth when I was in my teens! Little did he know it was prophetic! LOL I studied physiotherapy and psychology after school and practiced for a few years, then taught at University before   Read more


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