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"Thanks for reminding me of the importance of joy and loving myself – zoot, zoot! When the student is ready, the teacher appears"
- Sue Oetting

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We see joy as an iceberg - the largest part of the iceberg is the foundation on which joy is built - the tip is what you see! Joy is bigger than happiness, which is just a small part of the iceberg - most of us think we will be happy WHEN we have something that we don't... Read more

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What is 'Good' Posture?

The Joy Project 

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Featured Tribe: JOY Bookers by Cynthia

Joy Bookers Weekend

A year ago I made it my mission to have a space in our home for my friends to come and work on their JOY Stories.  My husband Don said make sure to find something you love!
Amanda and I had been chatting via email and I told her my plan. She said why call it scrapbooking? Why not call it JOYbooking! This is how we found our name JOYBookers by Cynthia.
I have been a travel agent since 1974 and a few years ago I decided to find something I really enjoy - so I joined Creative Memories.  
Now I am holding workshops once a week on Tuesday's and once a month on a weekend - plus we go on weekend retreats. My goal is to someday have a cottage here close to home - where we can have weekends to work on our JOYBooks!
I have been creating my memories and photo albums for years. Looking back on our stories and photo's brings us so much joy. It does your heart good! This past weekend my friend Bonne of 50 years spent a whole day looking at her photos of our family and friends growing up. Wow that was so much fun - we cried and smiled and felt so much joy!  And we made more memories and took more photos to share.
So I want to share with everyone - start your Joy Tribe today, based on principals of the book The Gospel of Joy. It would be great if we all started to write our stories and share them with others. You never know who needs your Joy and what flow on effect it has!

Sign up for your Joy community and Tribes!

Make sure you sign up here NOW!  That means we can let you know as soon as our online community goes live - Think Face book on joy!!  Imagine how much fun it will be to share the joy you are creating and spreading - to have everyone who is contributing connected and sharing ideas and creativity on how to bring more joy into peoples' lives and our community - and our world.

We have a BIG mission and need as much help as we can get to reach our dreams - of eradicating fear and replacing it with joy!  

Our hope is that we will be able to educate children about all the critical pillars of joy and teach them how to keep their joy!  They usually have it and out old adult patterns and habits influence them so much they lose it!

Imagine a world - or at least a community - where gratitude, compassion, reverence, love, laughter, listening, generosity and all the other aspects of joy are alive and well! YOU can help us do that where you live!  QUICK - SIGN UP NOW!!  Zooties

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