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Meet Amanda

Amanda Gore
For as long as I can remember I have been talking! A lifelong friend of mine used to call me motor mouth when I was in my teens! Little did he know it was prophetic! LOL I studied physiotherapy and psychology after school and practiced for a few years, then taught at University before... Read more

It's OUR pie - not MY pie!

How many times have you encountered a situation where there is a 'scarcity' mentality? Where people 'hang onto' their pie with a vice like grip - as if life will be over if they lose a little of it!

The fear of 'not having enough' rules their lives. Read more

Once upon a time, many years ago, I went out with a man called Hugh. (The names have been changed!) During that time I learned a big lesson about how we give others love!  Read more

What do you look at in life and gasp with awe and wonder?
Usually it's a sunset or sunrise or some beautiful or magnificent aspect of nature.
Or something gorgeous like an amazing crystal structure. The majesty of nature often inspires us with awe and reverence.  Read more

Why create JOY SPOTS?

Because JOY is the next competitive advantage!

Because happiness precedes success and all performance, creativity, innovation and team connection is improved when people feel happy at work!

Because happiness is what everyone thinks they want – but it’s only the beginning of joy!

Because the latest research in neuroscience, epigenetics, emotional intelligence and positive psychology intersect at a point I call “the joy spot’- the sweet spot for performance. Read more

The JOY spot - Part 3 - Hope

The Joy Project 

I had a chat with a client recently who was telling me that a small country town where the main form of employment (a factory) was shut down, has the highest gambling rate in the country.

Apparently, in a little place where most people are on the dole, they spend on average $220 a week on gambling.

Initially I was stunned but then she said – “because it represents hope for them”. WOW – that thought had not entered my consciousness!

When I stopped and reflected, I could see the truth in that statement.  Read more

Recently we focused on the fist step to JOY – gratitude.

Below is our second step – compassion and grace.

Start here
The first place to start is often the most challenging – compassion for ourselves! We are usually our own worst enemy – expecting ourselves to be perfect! The first to judge and condemn ourselves.

Accept Yourself
Your first task this month is to accept yourself as who you are – and give yourself grace. You are doing the best you can in all areas of your life – given your current level of skills and knowledge. Remind yourself of that constantly!  Read more

Are you a walking joy spot?

Are you someone who spreads joy everywhere you go?

Are you someone who has found your inner joy and can share?! I call the intersection of 4 sciences, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology, the joy spot! It's the place from which amazing life and leadership emerge. Read more


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