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Meet Amanda

Amanda Gore
For as long as I can remember I have been talking! A lifelong friend of mine used to call me motor mouth when I was in my teens! Little did he know it was prophetic! LOL I studied physiotherapy and psychology after school and practiced for a few years, then taught at University before... Read more

Random acts of kindness.

The Joy Project 

Some time ago I spoke at a conference in America where 5000 people gathered for the annual Million Dollar Round Table. It's a fantastic conference and one of the many great speakers there was a man called Chuck Wall. Read more

A while ago I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Stuart Moore - an author and expert on how to make money work for you. Discussing people's pasts, he commented on the value of having someone in your life who 'does something for you without keeping a score'.

A person who is happy to help you; guide you or set you on the right path and expects nothing in return.  They don't think in terms of 'reward', or expecting you to reciprocate. Their joy is in seeing you prosper, grow or develop.  Read more

Forget me not

The Joy Project 

Earlier this week, Sheryl and I had the honour of meeting Lars Olsen who is an extraordinary man.

Young man! He at about 27 is CEO and Founder of The Forget Me Not Children's Home in Nepal with dreams to build a much larger community.

Appalled by his experiences as a volunteer in between semesters at University he decided to truly make a difference to the little girls he met in the orphanages in Nepal. And so began the journey of Forget Me Not.  Read more


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