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The Joy Spot - Part 1 - Gratitude

The Joy Project 

Are you a walking joy spot?

Are you someone who spreads joy everywhere you go?

Are you someone who has found your inner joy and can share?! I call the intersection of 4 sciences, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology, the joy spot! It's the place from which amazing life and leadership emerge.

How do you find your own joy spot and then become a walking one?!

This is a 12 part series where each newsletter we explore one of the 12 pillars of JOY – and work you through the steps that help you uncover the JOY that is waiting to burst forth from inside you!

This first one is the foundation stone for JOY – Gratitude.

You can’t find your joy without gratitude!

So don those gratitude glasses today and start to look at everything through these glasses.

  • Go over your life history and find the good things that came out of the hardship of the past.

  • What lessons did you learn from your parents or siblings or past partners that has made you stronger, more resilient, more compassionate, loving, forgiving or built your character!

  • Look at your current situation and find things for which to be grateful.

  • Make yourself a gratitude journal and each night before you go to bed, write down at least 5 things for which you are grateful – either that happened that day or just things in your life for which you are grateful – like your health; ability to walk and breathe; a roof over your head; the capacity to speak and think or laugh – there are gazillions of reasons for gratitude.

Did you know that writing in a gratitude journal has been shown to markedly reduce depression?

Ask everyone at the dinner table every night from now on “what are you grateful for today?” Sometimes have a competition to see who is MORE grateful! For a bit of fun!

You cannot teach children gratitude by forcing them to say ‘thank you ‘under sufferance! Teach them by modeling it yourself.

Find things are work for which to be grateful – even if it is just you have a job! Millions would take your job in a heartbeat!

Say to your self constantly in the face of a challenge: “Everyday is a good day. Everything is a good thing. Every place is a good place.” My Qi Gong teacher taught me that and it has calmed many a potential argument!!

Tell the people in your life who mean something to you – or your colleagues, how grateful you are to them and give them specific examples of why you feel gratitude.

Do these things and you will be on your path to being a walking joy spot!

Gratitude is the place to start.

Begin today. Joyfully!


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