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Why joy is important and would you help us

The Joy Project 

I spent this weekend at the National Speakers Association conference in Melbourne and it was brilliant!

I was explaining to someone how we are renaming The Gospel of Joy and searching for a new title and she asked me - what are the benefits from reading the book?

She had meant it from a marketing perspective where most people try to link their books to losing weight, better sex, making money, finding life balance or happier relationships! Those are the five most powerful reasons to pick up books apparently!

When a book helps you to become a more grateful, compassionate, hopeful, forgiving, loving person, who has more energy and vitality, laughs a lot, listens better, is cheerfully enthusiastic and stress free most of the time - how do you define the benefits in a punchy popular way?!

Apparently, according to 'great titles for dummies',  a great title must be brief, imply a benefit, crystallise a wish, promise fulfilment, create an 'aha' for the reader and be provocative... I can write books but I can't do titles!

I thought about a title like "How to have everything you need in life!"...or "How to have everything"or "There's more to life than happiness"!  But I would love some help from all of you. Or maybe JOY - how to.....? Or something like "Eat, pray, love" - "Joy, love, peace"???  Do you see why I am asking for help!

Many of you have read the book and if you have any ideas on what benefits have been for you, I would be so grateful if you would share it with us - and of course if you have a brilliant catchy title that would make people run to buy the book - we would love that too!

The benefits I outlined are why Joy is so important!

If you follow the daily simple exercises, you really will become a person who finds more gratitude in life, who is more compassionate, loving, forgiving and reverent. You will appreciate people more and love your life - just the way it is. Life will seem simpler, less stressed and you will be more peaceful and satisfied.

That's why a focus on joy is so important!

We would love to hear your thoughts...

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