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"Thanks for reminding me of the importance of joy and loving myself – zoot, zoot! When the student is ready, the teacher appears"
- Sue Oetting

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We see joy as an iceberg - the largest part of the iceberg is the foundation on which joy is built - the tip is what you see! Joy is bigger than happiness, which is just a small part of the iceberg - most of us think we will be happy WHEN we have something that we don't... Read more

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What is 'Good' Posture?

The Joy Project 

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Our mission

The mission of The Joy Project is to eradicate the matrix of fear in which we all live and replace it with a matrix of Joy! 

To do this we have to firstly realise we live in a matrix of fear! And become aware of how much fear rules our lives unconsciously! Too many of us walk around oblivious to the fears that were embedded when we were little or younger; and the effect that those fears have on our behaviours and lives today.  I know it took me 50 years to find out I had a fear of abandonment!  DUH!  

Our amygdala is part of our limbic system - the oldest part of our brain that was very useful in neanderthal times! Our amygdala would be our fear and emergency indicator!  A sabre toothed tiger would be near and our Ammy as i affectionately call it would scream inside our heads RUUUUUN!!!  

Sadly,it now does not realise that there are very few physical dangers out there nad so it reacts to all sorts of non physical threats!  Like - change. Or a funny look from someone else. Or failure. Or what someone else thinks of you. Or abandonment!  There are thousands of things our Ammy reacts to and if we let it, it would keep us in a  parralysed state of fear!  

It's very important that  we become aware of our 'ammy attacks' and settle it down by saying - 'thank you Ammy but not now!".  We need to be kind because it genuinely thinks it is helping us and keeping us safe - so we have to reeducate it!

Our online learning program - Joy U will help reeducate Ammy as will many of the other things on this site!  En-joy yourself!  Browse around and come join us!

The Joy Project's mission is to eradicate the matrix of fear in which we all live and replace it with a matrix of Joy!

  • By providing tools and information to enable the building of a global community of joy ‘tribes’, that bring joy to ourselves and others through connection and serving – and generally having a fabulous time doing so!

  • By changing behaviors so we are able to recognise when we are operating from fear and choose to consciously turn from fear to joy (or love) – which will change everything!

  • By providing a web platform to share ideas, stories, videos and sound bites that serve as inspiration to others. Help us to make people happy – join our Joy tribe! 

  • By linking tribe members to resources that provide ideas, stories and inspiration to create further joy! 


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